How to Change Location on Android

If you want to change location on iOS, please click here.

Part 1. Connect Your Android Device with PC

Download and install ClevGo on your computer. Then click "Get Started" to experience it.

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download clevgo on computer

Connect your Android device with the computer with USB cable.

connect Android device to computer

Then a notification "Choose Your Device" will appear. Confirm your device.


Ensure that the mobile phone's USB connection mode is Media Transfer Protocol (for LG mobile phones, it should be set as Picture Transfer Protocol).

select USB connection mode

select USB connection mode 2

Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to turn on USB debugging.

turn on USB debugging

Click "Allow" to allow USB debugging on your mobile phone.

allow USB debugging

If the notification is not shown on your device, click "Show Again"

show again the notification

When you finish all the settings, you now can choose either Gaming mode or Social mode whatever that suits your needs.

Part 2: Gaming Mode

The Gaming mode works for AR Games only.

Check the box to show that you are aware of the disclaimer then enter Gaming mode.

Check the Disclaimer

Note: Gaming mode is not always available. When the server is being maintained or updated, there will a text prompt notifying users of the unavailability. In this case, please wait for a while and check it again later.

After selecting the Gaming mode, the program will start to load the map. As some mobile phones might require you to confirm and grant permissions, please keep a close watch on your device during the process.

Wait for the Map Loading Process

Once loading is complete, you should see a popup that says "You're All Set!". Login to your game account on your phone if necessary.

all set

Part 3: Social Mode

Social mode works for most maps and social apps, such as Google Map, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Click the Social mode to enter it.

Enter Social Mode

Wait a moment for program will install "GPS Assistant" on your mobile phones. (GPS Assistant will not appear on the mobile phone under Android 10. It doesn't need to manually start or operate at any time. Just keep on the phone.) After the installation is completed, find "Select mock location app" in "Developer options", and select "GPS Assistant".

Install ClevGo Assistant

Now everything is all set. You can change your location or simulate GPS movement.

all set

If you want to switch between two modes, click the icon on the left side of your device name and confirm the change.

switch two modes

Part 4: Four Modes of ClevGo

1. Change Your GPS Location Instantly- Teleport Mode

Select "Teleport Mode" on the upper right corner of the dashboard which is the fourth option. Choose a certain location and Click "Move", your location on your device will be changed instantly as well.

Teleport Mode

2. Simulate GPS Movement- Two-spot Mode

Select "Two-spot Mode" on the upper right corner of the dashboard which is the second option. Set up the numbers of moving times, and how it moves on the map to make it look more real. There is also a speed bar for you to drag from walking speed to riding speed. When all the things are set, click "Move" to start simulating GPS movement.

Two-spot Mode

3. Simulate GPS Movement- Multi-spot Mode

Select "Multi-spot Mode" on the upper right corner of the dashboard which is the third option. you can choose many different spots (up to 100) on the map to pass by when simulating the movement. Now you can set up the numbers of moving times and the speed by dragging the speed bar. Once everything is set, click "Move" to start.

Multi-spot Mode

4. Spoof GPS Location with Flexibility - Joystick Mode

Select "Joystick Mode" on the upper right corner of the dashboard which is the first option. Click "Move" to change location automatically. You can change location in 360-degree, and move forward or backward by clicking the direction button, arrow keys and WSAD keys to go up, down, left, right.

Joystick Mode

Part 5: More Exclusive Features of ClevGo

1. Circle Route

During Multi-spot Mode, if the initial and final location is close to each other, a notification would pop out automatically to ask you if you want to create a circle route. Click "Yes" to connect both spots. Click "No" and everything stays the same.

circle route

2. Realistic Mode

"Realistic Mode" applies to "Two-spot Mode" and "Multi-spot Mode". the moving speed will randomly fluctuate between the upper and lower 30% of the selected speed range. The speed varies every 5 seconds.

realistic mode

3. Returns or Loops

When using the "Two-spot Mode" and "Multi-spot Mode" to simulate movement, If the number of the moving times is above 1, the user can choose whether to have the device move back and forth along route or to move in loop along the route, as needed.

returns or loops

4. Fluctuation Mode

The virtual location will fluctuate back and forth within 5m of the location, which can reduce warnings from other apps about location changes.

fluctuation mode

5. History Records

The virtual location will fluctuate back and forth within 5m of the location, which can reduce warnings from other apps about location changes.

history records

The saved spots or routes will displayed on your favorite list for further use. Click the Top icon on the left to place your favorites at the top.

favorite list

6. Import/Export GPX file

ClevGo can import/export GPX file of single and multiple paths to save your favorite routes now. Click "Up" icon on the left route panel, and you can export the GPX file.

import/export GPX file

Click "Down" icon on the right of the dashboard, and you can export the GPX file.

export GPX file

7. Cooldown Timer

When you use the Teleport Mode or Jump Teleport Mode to change your location, you will find the the cooling button in the right corner of the product interface.

Cooldown Timer

Click on this button, the cooldown timer will appear then. When you choose the desired location and initiate the movement, the timer will calculate the appropriate cooldown time based on the distance.

If you don't want to use coolling timer function, just click the button again to turn it off.

Cooldown Timer

If you want to recalculate the time when you modifying your location, tap "Reset" to refresh it.

Cooldown Timer