Track All WhatsApp Online Activity in Real-Time

You can know when someone is online on WhatsApp and get online notifications. This WhatsApp last seen tracker can also help you know when someone is offline. You can track innumberable numbers' WhatsApp online activity simutaneously and secretly.


Smarter Online WhatsApp Tracker Than You Know

WhatsApp Status Seen is an all-in-one WhatsApp online tracker, find out more excellent functions below


Get Online/Offline Notification

With WhatsApp Status Seen, you can get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp instantly. Likewise, this tool will notify you when someone is offline.


WhatsApp Online Hisotry

WhatsApp Status Seen can record the concrete time when someone is online/offline on WhatsApp. You can check the online time log anytime.


WhatsApp Online Analysis

You can generate a report about someone's WhatsApp online time log and duration daily or weekly. Various report display models are available, such as, line chart, bar chart, column chart, etc.


WhatsApp Online Activity Export

WhatsApp Status Seen allows you to export all the WhatsApp online status activities, including the online time, offline time and online duration. You can download and save the formats anywhere you want.

Why Want to Know When Someone Is Online on WhatsApp?

Best WhatsApp online status tracker to know who is online at 3 am.

  • real_time

    Convenient Comunication

    Knowing when someone is online on WhatsApp helps in optimizing the timing of communication. If a person is online, there's a higher likelihood of getting a quicker response, making real-time conversations more convenient.

  • whatsApp_parental_control

    WhatsApp Parental Control

    Parents can educate their kids about appropriate online behaviors by knowing when they are online. Limit kid's WhatsApp online screen time to protect their online health.

  • partner_online_tracking

    Partner Online Tracking

    Know when your partner is online on WhatsApp can allow for timely and immediate communication. Improving the trust and transparency between partner can make a deeper relationship.

  • employee_online_monitoring

    Employee Online Monitoring

    Boss can know if employees word hard to check when they is online. WhatsApp Status Seen can increase employees' working efficiency a lot.

Why Choose WhatsApp Status Seen?

WhatsApp Status Seen is a professional WhatsApp online status tracker with many advantages.

No Limitation

You can monitor countless peopel's WhatsApp online status at the same time without any limitation

Real-Time Tracking

You can sync someone's WhatsApp online/offline time in real-time.

Secret Tracking

You can know someone's WhatsApp online status and last seen without being detected.

Easy to Use

In one click, you can know if someone is online on WhatsApp.

Smooth Operation

WhatsApp Status Seen is a professional tool without any stucks or limitations.

24/7 support

If you need assistance, we are happy to help at any time!

How to Use WhatsApp Status Seen?

With WhatsApp Status Seen tracking tool, you can check if someone is online on WhatsApp and get notification at once.


Step1: Create An Account

Set up an account of WhatsApp Status Seen and log in this tool.

Step 2: Input the Target Contact's WhatsApp Number

Get someone's WhatsApp number, input it in the coulmn. Click Start Monitoring button.

Step 3: Track WhatsApp Online Status

Now you can know if someone is online on WhatsApp.

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What People Say About WhatsApp Staus Seen

WhatsApp Staus Seen has high rate and trust reviews from its users.


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WhatsApp Status Seen is a powerful WhatsApp online tracker, you can know anyone's WhatsApp online status time instantly. I have known someone was often online but not replied me. I hate him!



I use this tool to check when my boyfriend is online on WhatsApp. I find out he is frequently online at 3 am without letting me know. Does he chat with other women on WhatsApp? Does he cheat on me?



With WhatsApp Status Seen, I can get notifications instantly when my kid is online on WhatsApp. I limit his WhatsApp screen use time. This tool can help me monitor kid's online activity.


FAQs & Tips


  • Q1. Why Use WhatsApp Status Seen?

    It's the best WhatsApp online status tracker to check if someone is online in real-time

  • Q2. Is WhatsApp Status Seen Safe?

    This tool is a completely safe tool, which can protect user privacy with 100%.

  • Q3. How Many Users's Online Status Can It Track?

    Once you buy a WhatsApp online tracking plan, you can track any contact's online status without any limit.

  • Q4. Can I Be Detected When Tracking Someone's Online Status?

    No, you won't be detected. You can know if someone is online without being knowing.

  • Q5. How to Get Notification When Someone Is Online on WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp Status Seen will send notication to your email account when someone is online.

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