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Enter the number and hit the “Monitor” button to smoothly check someone’s online status on Telegram. No extra requirements for operating systems, no more confusion about the meaning of last seen recently-this Telegram online checker lets you see when someone is accurately active on this platform.

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Robust Telegram online status checker than you’ve imagined

Record all login history on Telegram

TGSeen offers a visualized chart of someone’s login activity and tracks and documents every instance when a user logs into their Telegram account.

More Telegram contacts you can track

Different from others, ClevGuard’s TGSeen is able to track multiple contacts at the same time. All the logged Telegram online statuses are presented in a single dashboard, only 2 simple steps required!

Simplify tracking on Telegram online status

Invisible tracking with our Telegram last seen tracker is effortless. Just enter the number to monitor Telegram online status discreetly, ensuring your access remains hidden and undetectable.

Get notified when someone is online

Set up notifications when someone logs in to Telegram. When he/she is active on Telegram, you’ll be the first to know.

Why track someone’s Telegram last seen

A Telegram last seen tracker is a tool to see when someone was last online on Telegram. No matter if someone hides their online status or what, you can still get notified when he logs in. Here are four common usage scenarios for utilizing a Telegram online checker.

Parental supervision
Relationship trust issue
Safety concerns
Professional communication

Parental supervision

Parents may monitor their children's last seen status to ensure their safety and well-being while using messaging platforms.

Relationship trust issue

In personal relationships, individuals might track their partner's last seen status to gauge their level of engagement or to address trust issues.

Safety concerns

In cases of harassment or safety concerns, individuals might track someone's last seen status to monitor their online activity for protective reasons.

Professional communication

In workplaces, monitoring colleagues' last seen status could be relevant for project coordination or to ensure timely responses to work-related messages.

5 Reasons to Pick Us

Track more contacts

Track more contacts

Track multiple Telegram accounts at the same time.

Incognito mode

Incognito mode

No download or installation on the target phone; the whole process runs in private mode without anyone knowing.

Industry experience

We have years of experience in providing monitoring solutions

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Simplified operation

Simplified operation

Without logging to Telegram, you can easily see someone’s last seen on Telegram by entering the number.

Customer support

Customer support

We offer 24/7 customer support so that you can get assistance at the time you want.

3 Steps to See Someone’s Last Seen on Telegram

Register for an account
Enter a telegram number for online status checking
Start seeing someones last seen on telegram

Step1: Register for an account

Create a personal account at the registration page, and then login to ClevGuard TGSeen.

Step 2: Enter the Telegram number

Input the target Telegram number and choose the country code, respectively.

Step 3: See when someone was last active on Telegram

After entering someone’s Telegram number, the offline and online records will be shown on the dashboard. Click on the “Add” button to track more Telegram contacts.


  • How long is the Telegram's "Last seen recently"?

    This status indicator usually refers to the time range from 1 second to 2-3 days.

  • What does "Last seen recently" mean on Telegram?

    Some may wonder the meaning of Telegram’s “Last seen recently,” it is intentionally vague to protect users' privacy. It covers a range of time intervals without providing a specific timestamp. Here are the approximate durations for the various "last seen" indicators on Telegram:

    Last seen recently: Covers anything from 1 second to 2-3 days.
    Last seen within a week: Indicates the user was online within the last 2-7 days.
    Last seen within a month: Means the user was online within the last 6-30 days.
    Last seen a long time ago: Typically used for users who have been offline for more than a month. This status can also appear if the user has chosen to hide their last seen status from everyone.

  • Why does Telegram show "Last seen recently"?

    Telegram shows "Last seen recently" to provide a general idea of a user's activity without revealing the exact time they were last online. This privacy feature helps protect users' online habits and patterns from being tracked by others, ensuring a balance between privacy and usability on the platform.

  • Is Telegram online status accurate?

    Telegram's online status is generally accurate, indicating when a user is actively using the app. However, it may have some limitations due to factors like hidden statuses or server delays. Therefore, if you need to see when someone was last active on Telegram, consider using a Telegram last seen tracker.

  • If someone blocks me, how can I see if someone is online on Telegram?

    Once you are blocked or someone hides their statuses, you can still check the online status on Telegram by using a last seen tracker.

  • How do I get notifications when someone is online on Telegram?

    If you want to receive prompt notifications upon someone’s login to Telegram, then tools like ClevGuard TGSeen can be of great help. No complicated download process is needed, and you can get notified when someone is online on Telegram within 3 easy steps.

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