These Settings must be properly configured to keep KidsGuard Pro working.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery.


  • Background usage limits: Put unused apps to sleep > Turn OFF
  • More battery settings: Adaptive battery > Turn OFF
  • Step 2. Click Memory > Excludes apps > Add apps.

    5-min.png 6-min.png7-min.png

    Then choose "WhatsApp Service" to exclude.


    Step 3. Back to Settings and click Apps > "WhatsApp Service" > Mobile data.


    Turn on Allow background data usage & Allow data usage while Data saver is on.



    Step 4. Settings > Apps > "WhatsApp Service" > Permissions > Location > Allow all the time.

    Step 5. Hide app on the home screen.

    • Swipe up to open the App Drawer from the home screen.
    • Tap the three dots on the top-right edge of the screen.
    • Go to Settings and select Hide apps > "WhatsApp Service". And you're all done.