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Are you tired of scrolling through the same old Instagram posts? Spice up your feed with some hilarious and quirky locations! We've compiled a list of the top 10 funny locations on Instagram that will make you laugh and itch for some creative snaps.

If you're an Instagram expert or just looking for a good laugh, these locations will surely entertain you. So, grab your camera and explore some of the funniest and most unique spots for your next Instagram post!

funny locations on Instagram

Part 1. Top 10 Funny Instagram Locations

Let's take a look at some cool locations for Instagram posts.

1The Middle Of Nowhere:

If you are in a remote and desolate area, why not tag your location as "The Middle of Nowhere? It's a perfect way to highlight your adventure and willingness to explore the unknown.

2Under A Rock:

Are you feeling a little bit hidden or overlooked? Tag your location as "Under a Rock" to add a touch of humor and show that you're not afraid to be silly.

3My Own World:

Sometimes we all need a little bit of alone time. Tag your location as "My Own World" to show that you're enjoying some much-needed solitude and introspection.

4Lost In Translation:

If you're traveling to a foreign country and struggling with the language barrier, tag your location as "Lost in Translation." It's a fun way to acknowledge the challenges of navigating a new culture while still having a good time.

5Anywhere But Here:

If you're feeling a little bit restless or bored with your current surroundings, tag your location as "Anywhere But Here." It's a playful way to show you dream of new adventures and exciting possibilities.

6The Land Of Nod:

If sleepy, why not tag your location as "The Land of Nod?" It's a cute way to show that you're ready for a nap or just feeling a little bit relaxed and comfortable.

7No Filter Needed:

If you're in a location that's just too beautiful to filter, tag your location as "No Filter Needed." It's a simple way to showcase the natural beauty around you and highlight your photography skills.

8Where The Wild Things Are:

If you're exploring the great outdoors and feeling a sense of freedom and adventure, tag your location as "Where the Wild Things Are." It's a fun way to show that you're embracing your inner wild child and enjoying the beauty of nature.

9Too Hot To Handle:

If you're enjoying some warm weather and feeling slightly spicy, tag your location as "Too Hot to Handle." It's a playful way to show that you're feeling confident and empowered, even in the heat.

10Error 404. Location Not Found!:

If you're feeling a little bit lost or disoriented, tag your location as "Error 404. Location Not Found!" It's a humorous way to acknowledge that you're not quite sure where you are, but you're still having a good time exploring.

Part 2. Is It Possible To Change My Live Location On Instagram To Anywhere In The World?

Well, the answer is yes, it is possible! One of the most popular and effective tools for changing your location on Instagram is ClevGo.

ClevGo is a powerful location spoofing tool that allows you to simulate GPS movement and change your location on Instagram or any other location-based app. With ClevGo, you can easily trick your device into thinking that you are in a different city or country, allowing you to explore and experience new places from the comfort of your home.



  • Simulate GPS: ClevGo's advanced GPS spoofing technology allows you to simulate GPS movement naturally on Instagram, so it looks like you're traveling to different locations.
  • Enable joystick to change location flexibly: With ClevGo's joystick feature, you can easily change your Instagram location in real time and move around the map as you, please.
  • Customize speed of GPS movement: It lets you customize the route and speed of your GPS movement, so you can create a realistic travel experience that matches your preferences.
  • No need for jailbreaking or rooting: It works on all iOS and Android devices without jailbreaking or rooting, making it safe and easy to use.
  • Support All iOS & Android devices (up to iOS 16 & Android 13): It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, so you can use it to change your location on Instagram, no matter your device type.

To change your live location on Instagram to any place in the world with ClevGo, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start by downloading and launching a location spoofing, ClevGo. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. Once it's installed, click on "Get Started."

get start

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer via USB or WIFI and click "Trust" after entering your password.

connect device to computer via USB cable

Step 3: After logging in, you'll see the map loaded and your current location.

Step 4: To change your location, click the teleport option and enter the address or search for it. You can also type in the coordinates. Once you've selected your desired location, click "Move" to update your location. Now, the location on Instagram has been changed to the place that you like.

teleport mode click move

Clevgo allows you to explore new places, discover new cultures, and experience new adventures without leaving home. So why not try it and see where your imagination takes you?


Adding creative and location tags to your Instagram posts can add fun and humor to your content. The Top 10 Funny Instagram Locations we have listed above are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Moreover, with the help of ClevGo, you can take your Instagram game to the next level by changing your live location to anywhere in the world. ClevGo's powerful location spoofing technology makes it easy and safe to explore new places and experience new adventures without ever leaving your home.

So go ahead, let your imagination run wild, and have fun with your cool Instagram location tags!


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