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Have you ever lost a Facebook message that you desperately wanted to retrieve? You search through your message history but can't seem to find it. Perhaps you accidentally deleted it, or maybe it disappeared on its own. Whatever the reason, losing a Facebook message can be frustrating, especially if it contains important information or sentimental value. If you are wondering how to recover deleted Facebook messages, fortunately, there are ways to solve it. In this article, we'll explore these methods in detail to help you retrieve those elusive messages. So, let's get started!

how to recover deleted facebook messages

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

1. Check Your Archived Messages

If you are wondering how to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger, checking your archived messages is one of the most effective ways. This method works well if you archived your messages instead of deleting them. Here is to retrieve deleted messages on messenger by checking archived messages:

facebook messages archived messages

2. Check Your Email to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

You may also be wondering how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger. If you have email notifications enabled for Facebook messages, you may find a copy of the deleted message in your email inbox. To see detailed deleted messages on Facebook from your email:

facebook email notifications


This method is not a guaranteed way to recover deleted Facebook messages and may not work in all cases. If you are unable to find the deleted messages through this method, you may want to try other methods.

3. Use a Professional Tool to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages - Kidsguard Pro

Using KidsGuard Pro is not only efficient, but a swift way of viewing deleted Facebook messages. It is a reliable solution for anyone who has accidentally deleted their Facebook messages or who wants to monitor someone else's Facebook activity.


Outstanding features of KidsGuard Pro include:

  • KidsGuard Pro is a monitoring app that allows Android and iPhone users to keep an eye on loved ones.
  • With KidsGuard Pro, you can remotely monitor messages on a target device, including deleted Facebook messages, as well as the content, recipient, message image, timestamp, and attachments.
  • Keep track of real-time locations of the target phone using GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking technology embedded in KidsGuard Pro.
  • Track browser histories on the target device secretly.
  • You can remotely track all popular social apps without the need to root or jailbreak the target device, including Facebook Messenger for recovering deleted messages.

As a comprehensive phone monitoring app, KidsGuard Pro can allow users to have more control over the target phone. This is how to find deleted messages on Facebook using the KidsGuard Pro app:

4. Download Your Facebook Data to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook messages are saved as a copy of the physical memory in your Android phone. With the help you any file explorer, you can restore your Facebook messages. Below are the steps on how to retrieve deleted messages on messenger by downloading your Facebook data.

download facebook profile information

If you are using the Facebook web, downloading Facebook data can also be an effective approach to recovering deleted Facebook messages. These steps outline how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages by downloading Facebook data.

download facebook data

5. Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages Using Cache Files

Android users who have the Messenger app installed can retrieve deleted Facebook messages in the app’s cache. You can easily access the cache using any Android file manager and locate the specific messages you are interested in. These steps summarize how to find deleted messages on Facebook using cache files:

get back deleted facebook messages using cache files

6. Contact Facebook Support

Deleting Facebook messages is presumably a permanent action. While the options above offer great solutions, sometimes you may be forced to contact Facebook Support.

contact facebook support


If you accidentally deleted a certain Facebook message or you are interested in viewing a message that you have intentionally deleted, KidGuard Pro offers a solution for viewing the messages. The monitoring tool is designed to help users have comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities on a target. You can always access messages on the target phone even if they have been deleted. If you are still wondering how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger, perhaps it is time to install the KidsGuard Pro app and worry no more. Click the button below for a demo and full download of KidsGuard Pro.

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