[6 Effective Methods] How to Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing

Jun 01, 2023 06:49 pm

People share their location on iPhones for various reasons, particularly when their friends and families want to reach them in case of an emergency. However, you may not always want to share your location, like you want your personal space to be respected. In this article, we will explore how to stop sharing location without them knowing. Doing so will allow you to achieve that personal space without hurting the feelings of your loved ones.

how to stop sharing location without them knowing

How to Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing

1. Disable Location Service on iPhone Without Them Knowing

If you are looking for the simplest way how to turn off your location without someone knowing, consider disabling location service on your iPhone. Doing so will prevent your phone from transmitting your location to anyone. Simply follow these steps:

turn off iPhone location service

2. Turn On Airplane Mode to Stop Sharing Location Without Notification

A simple way of preventing people from knowing your location is by turning on airplane mode. Although this will work only temporarily, it is a great option for all mobile phones. During this period, airplane mode will also prevent the use of cellular networks, messages, phone calls, and notifications. To stop sharing location without notification using the Airplane Mode, follow these steps:

iphone airplane mode

3.Turn Find My iPhone off to Stop Sharing Location Without Notifying

One of the easiest ways to top sharing your location on iPhone is turning off the Find My iPhone feature. This will prevent the phone from sharing your location and works well without sending any notification. Follow the following steps to stop sharing location without notifying your loved ones.

turn off Find My iPhone

4. Hide Your Location from iMessage

Whenever you send iMessage, you automatically share your main location with the receiver. While this is a helpful feature, it can be a disadvantage when you want some personal space. Fortunately, the in-built feature in the app allows users to hide their location. Although the feature will send the receiver a notification that you stopped sharing your location, you can set the duration you wish your location to be anonymous.

stop sharing location in iMessage

5. Use Another iPhone as Your Location

One of the most unique features of an iPhone is the ability of users to share their location using another iPhone. When you share your location from another iPhone, the current location of your phone will be hidden. This is possible if you are logged in on both devices using the same Apple ID. If you are wondering how to stop sharing location on iPhone without them knowing, follow these steps:

With these few steps, the new iPhone’s location will be shared with your loved ones and you can carry your phone anywhere without its location being shared.

use this iPhone as my location

6. How to Use VPN to Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to hide your iPhone’s location when using the internet. A VPN routes internet traffic through a service in a different location, which makes it appear as though you are in a different place. The solution is particularly useful to those wondering how to hide their location on their iPhone without them knowing while they are browsing.

use VPN to stop sharing location

Bonus. Protect Your Location Privacy Using ClevGuard Anti Spyware

ClevGuard Anti Spyware is an effective option for individuals interested in finding out how to turn off location without notifying others. The software is designed to help you protect your phone from malware, offering an extra layer of security.


Key Features of ClevGuard Anti Spyware

  • Real-time spyware detection and one-click removal.
  • Scans all apps and reminds you which ones threaten your phone's safety.
  • Finding hidden or suspicious apps and removing invisible threats on your device.
  • Protects camera use by notifying you when your camera or microphone is being used with or without your consent.
  • Checks email leaks or when your email has been exposed to a data breach.
  • Conducts an app audit to manage every permission you have granted for the app.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware gives you more control over your phone. You can track how each app is behaving and have a clear view of how your phone shares information. To start using Clevguard Anti Spyware, follow these steps:


Sharing your location can be helpful to your loved ones, especially during times of emergency. However, this may sometimes comprise your personal privacy or when you need some time alone. This article has highlighted how to turn your location off without someone knowing. If you are looking for a solution on how to stop sharing locations without them knowing, download the ClevGuard AntiSpyware app right now and start having more control of the information shared with others.

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