How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

Aug 07, 2023 10:37 am

In this digital age, it is becoming increasingly easy to access other people's data without their knowledge. With the right methods, one can read someone else's WhatsApp messages on an Android phone without their device.

In this article, we will explore how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android without their phone. You can keep an eye on what your loved ones are up to without having access to their device. We'll also discuss the limitation or benefits associated with every tool. Keep reading to learn more!

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How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

1Use Whatsapp Tracker to Track Other's Whatsapp Messages

Have you ever wondered how to spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone? Then KidsGuard for WhatsApp has got your back! This is one of the most popular WhatsApp tracker apps that allows you to monitor others' WhatsApp messages without their phone. Technology experts invented this app, and it has millions of subscribers all over the world. The app has many features that make it ideal for tracking WhatsApp messages, such as the ability to view all WhatsApp conversations, chat history, and contact information. Let's sign in and give it a try!

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Highlights of KidsGuard for Whatsapp:

  • It can track all WhatsApp messages, sent, received, deleted, and voice messages, along with timestamps and contact info.
  • You can check all WhatsApp calls, voice or video, when it was made, the duration, and even missed calls.
  • You can anonymously view their WhatsApp statuses, even if they have expired or have been deleted.
  • You can record all voice and video calls and use the playback feature to listen to what your target is saying.

How to use KidsGuard for Whatsapp:


Video Tutorial: How to read others whatsapp messages on Android by using KidGuard for WhatsApp:

2Use Online Whatsapp Web to Read Other's Whatsapp Messages

WhatsApp Web is a great tool for tracking the messages of others without needing access to their phones. It is a WhatsApp client that allows users to access their WhatsApp account via the web browser. Below are the steps to do:

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  • You must access the target device to achieve this. Also, the target will constantly receive a notification once Whatsapp web is activated; they can find out that you are spying on them.

3Use Google Drive Backup to See Other's Whatsapp Messages

Google Drive is a great way to back up your WhatsApp messages. You can see your notes from any device, including your Android phone. Here's how:

google drive


  • You must access the target phone to use this method, and the target phone number must match the new device phone number. The permission will not be granted if there are discrepancies.

4Use Mac Spoofing to See Other's Whatsapp Chat on Your Phone

Mac spoofing is a method of changing your MAC address to match that of another device on your network. This can be used to spy on WhatsApp without the target phone as long as you have access to their WhatsApp account information.

mac spoofing


  • The whole process is complicated and confusing as you need to access the target phone for more than 15min to complete the entire process.


This guide has explained how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android without their phone. Overall, the KidsGuard for WhatsApp tracker remains our top pick. This app allows you to monitor someone's messages in real-time and even review past conversations. It means you can keep an eye on your children or employees without physically being with them. It also allows employers to ensure that their employees are not leaking confidential information or engaging in inappropriate conversations during work hours. With KidsGuard for WhatsApp, you can stay informed and keep everyone accountable for their actions.


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