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Many parents are concerned about the potential dangers of the internet for their children. Due to the widespread availability of information and the possibility of stumbling upon inappropriate content, it's no surprise that parents want to ensure their children's safety online.

In this article, we will explore how to view private browsing history on Safari iPhone. It will enable parents to protect their children from potential harm online by monitoring their children's online experiences.

how to view private browsing history on Safari iPhone

Part 1: What is Private Browsing on Safari iPhone?

Private browsing, also known as incognito mode in some browsers. It is a feature that allows users to browse the web without leaving traces of their online activities on the device. When you enable private browsing on Safari, your browsing history, cookies, and other data are not stored. It's useful when you want to keep your browsing activities private, especially if you are using a shared device or accessing sensitive information.

private browsing mode

Part 2: Why Users May Want to Check Incognito History on iPhone?

There are several reasons why you may want to see the private browsing history on your Safari iPhone:

  • Protect Child: Parents may want to monitor their children's online activities to ensure their safety and well-being.
  • Cybersecurity Concerns: By viewing the websites visited during private browsing, you can gather information and identify any suspicious behavior.
  • Forgotten Websites: Sometimes, you may visit useful websites during private browsing sessions and later find it challenging to recall the URLs or specific information.

Part 3: How to View Private Browsing History Safari iPhone

1Using Safari History to Check Incognito History on iPhone

If you want to check incognito history on iPhone, you can do it in Safari directly. Here’s how to do it:

safari history

2Utilizing Kidsguard Pro to See Private Browsing History on iPhone

In addition, you can use a professional monitoring tool to help you view private history on iPhone. Here I recommend KidsGuard Pro, which is a powerful and comprehensive monitoring solution. With its advanced features, one of which includes browsing history monitoring, KidsGuard Pro allows parents to keep a close eye on the websites visited by their children, even in private browsing mode.


Outstanding features of KidsGuard Pro:

  • Track websites visited and screen time. Monitor all online activities in real-time.
  • KidsGuard Pro is quick and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can start exploring browsing history in no time.
  • Not only browsing history, but also all popular social apps can be monitored, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Youtube, etc.
  • The app allows you to control the target phone remotely, even without the owner knowing.

3Restoring Private Browsing History from iCloud Backup

You can check and restore your private browsing history from iCloud if you have backup it. This method is very easy. Follow the steps below:

Restore from iCloud backup

FAQs About How to View Private Browsing History Safari iPhone

Q1. Can I view private browsing history on someone else's iPhone?

Yes. You can view private browsing history on someone else's iPhone by using KidsGuard Pro. It can help you monitor all activities on the target phone, including browsing history, messages, contacts, photos, etc.

Q2. Will viewing private browsing history on Safari iPhone reveal passwords or other sensitive information?

No, viewing the private browsing history on Safari iPhone will not reveal passwords or other sensitive information. It only provides a list of websites visited during the private browsing session.

Q3. Can I disable private browsing on Safari iPhone?

Yes, you can disable private browsing on Safari iPhone. To do so, open the Settings app, tap on "Safari", and toggle off the "Private Browsing" option.


Understanding how to view private browsing history on Safari iPhone can be useful in various scenarios, such as monitoring online activities or recalling useful websites. In this article, we discussed the concept of private browsing, its benefits, and limitations. We also explored three methods to view private browsing history. To view private browsing history effortlessly, we recommend using KidsGuard Pro. It offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring online activities on iPhones. Download KidsGuard Pro now and take control of your browsing history!

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