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Learning how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android is very useful. For instance, you can check the activity on your children's messaging app or learn who your spouse is texting if they act suspiciously. In any case, it is possible to read the messages exchanged on another WhatsApp account on Android.

In this article, you will discover the three most effective ways to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android.

how to read others WhatsApp messages on Android

Method 1. Easiest Way to Read Others' WhatsApp Messages on Android

The first and easiest method to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android is to use KidsGuard for WhatsApp.

This is a specialized application that helps you monitor the activity of a WhatsApp account while remaining undetected. This is because the app has implemented a stealth mode, which will not alert the user that someone logged in to their account. And you can immediately start using it since you can set it up even if you don't know the account's credentials.

kidsaguard for whatsapp

Why KidsGuard for WhatsApp the Best WhatsApp Monitoring Tool:

  • You read all the messages and attachments sent through the chats on that particular WhatsApp account in real-time.
  • You will also gain access to deleted chats of the target WhatsApp account.
  • This tool will automatically take screenshots of the target WhatsApp.
  • It will also inform you of the screen time usage and the time that the app was active.
  • It will be hidden as a WLAN icon after installed on the target device.

The steps for using KidsGuard for WhatsApp to learn how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android are the following:

Video Guide to Read Others' WhatsApp Messages by Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Method 2. Read Others' WhatsApp Messages on WhatsApp Web

The second method to read other's WhatsApp messages is to utilize WhatsApp Web. This is a very quick and easy method that you can complete in just a few simple steps. WhatsApp has introduced a web version to suit its users' needs. Therefore, you can log in to the target account directly on your browser and read the messages.

As you may understand, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that you must type in the account's credentials. Therefore, if you don't know the phone number used on this account, you won't be able to use it. Moreover, every time that you will need to check the account's messages, you will have to get the target device in your hands. This happens because WhatsApp has a verification process that asks you to scan a QR code to ensure the account's privacy.

If you can get over these limitations, here is how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android with WhatsApp Web:

Method 3. Read Others' WhatsApp Messages from Chat Backup

The final method to read others' messages on WhatsApp is to utilize the chat backup that the messaging app is creating. However, we need to mention that this method will only work if the backup feature is enabled on the target account.

This is how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android using the chat backup:

FAQs About WhatsApp Messages Tracking

1. Can I read others' WhatsApp messages on Android?

Yes, it is possible to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android. All the methods that we have explained above are very effective ways to do it.

2. How can I read others' WhatsApp messages without anyone knowing?

The best way to read others' messages and remain undetected is to use a specialized app, such as KidsGuard for WhatsApp. This tool will run in stealth mode and will not show a single sign that the account is being monitored.

3. Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

If someone accesses your account from another mobile phone, they won't be able to view your past conversation. Instead, they will only read the latest messages. However, they can gain access to your old messages by using a third-party application.

The Bottom Line

These methods teach you how to read others' WhatsApp messages on Android, a skill that will help you in many cases. KidsGuard for WhatsApp is one of the essential tools that you must own, especially if you have kids. Sign up for the app today to monitor the activity on any WhatsApp account you wish to. 


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