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There are numerous reasons why people might want to read deleted whatsapp messages on iphone. Maybe lovers thinks their partner is up to something and wants to check their WhatsApp to be sure. Parents might want to keep an eye on their kid's WhatsApp chats to make sure they're safe online. And sometimes, employers need to watch over employee’s whatsapp chats for security or work reasons.

The great news is that you can check deleted whatsapp messages on iphone using an undetectable whatsapp spy app. To help you choose the right one, we've narrowed down this review to cover the 5 best app to see deleted messages on whatsapp iphone. Just keep reading to find the best option for you.

Here Are the 6 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp iPhone:

1KidsGuard for WhatsApp

  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: No
  • Price: There is a free demo with this WhatsApp spy app, but to get its premium features you need to buy a license, which only costs $7.5 per month for the yearly plan.

location dashboard

KidsGuard for WhatsApp ranks among the top in comparison to other WhatsApp spy apps due to its unique features. You will be able to spy the entire others WhatsApp activities, such as call history, incoming and outgoing messages, audios, status, photos, videos, and much more.

It supports even advanced functions like WhatsApp call recording and live screenshot without having to root the target device first. This is a major advantage of the app as it greatly simplifies its use.

Once installed, it will remain active in the background without any notification and the app icon will vanish from the home screen. You can get started to hack someone's WhatsApp remotely from a control panel that can be accessed from anywhere provided that there is a strong internet connection.

Moreover, you don't need to get WhatsApp account and password in order to monitor activities on it.

kidsguard for whatsapp

Highlights of KidsGuard for Whatsapp:

  • It can track all WhatsApp messages, sent, received, deleted, and voice messages, along with timestamps and contact info.
  • You can check all WhatsApp calls, voice or video, when it was made, the duration, and even missed calls.
  • You can anonymously view their WhatsApp statuses, even if they have expired or have been deleted.
  • You can record all voice and video calls and use the playback feature to listen to what your target is saying.
  • KidsGuard does not spy on Whatsapp alone; you can also track engagements on other social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.


  • Simple installation within 5 minutes.
  • It can remotely hack WhatsApp with 100% secrecy.
  • It offers a variety of advanced WhatsApp hacking features.
  • It syncs all WhatsApp data in real-time.
  • Affordable price, while other WhatsApp hacked apps cost four to five times as much.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in case you're not satisfied.


  • No free version.
  • Some advanced features aren't supported in iOS version, like VoIP call.


  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: Yes
  • Price: Premium edition at $49.99/month and $99.99/3 months

fonemonitor app

Cocospy offers a comprehensive range of monitoring features including real-time geofencing for tracking location, overseeing calls and messages, and remotely managing their WhatsApp and other WhatsApp activities. What truly suits Cocospy's WhatsApp spy is its visually pleasing online dashboard. With Cocospy, diving into both individual and group WhatsApp conversations becomes a breeze, and you can also check deleted whatsapp messages easily.


  • A very intuitive interface that you can access all features in a few clicks.
  • Makes remote WhatsApp activity monitoring possible.
  • It can be used to hack multiple WhatsApp accounts.


  • Unlike KidsGuard for WhatsApp, it can't provide you with an extensive feature set like VoIP calls, documents, etc.
  • You have to disable Google Play Protect in order to make this app function.
  • You are required to root or jailbreak it to access the product.


  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: Yes
  • Price: WhatsApp monitoring feature is only available at the premium version which costs $69.99/month, $119.99/3 months

mSpy app

When it comes to recovering deleted WhatsApp messages on an iPhone, mSpy stands as a versatile and robust solution. Mspy is a good WhatsApp hacker app that can be used to keep a check on all the WhatsApp activities on the target cell phone device. This monitoring software excels in providing a pathway to retrieve messages that were once considered lost.

Seamlessly integrated with the iPhone's messaging platforms, mSpy enables users to view deleted whatsapp messages on iPhone through its user-friendly control panel. Alongside this feature, mSpy offers a range of comprehensive monitoring functionalities, encompassing call logs, GPS tracking, social media activities, and more.


  • It provides 24-hour monitoring.
  • Features an interactive dashboard.
  • Offers a variety of features to hack WhatsApp activities.


  • In the basic version, only limited features are available.
  • Compared to other competitors in the list, mSpy is more expensive.
  • A clear guide support is absent.


  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: No root, but jailbreak required.
  • Price: It costs $31.99/month, $189/3 months, $289/6 months, $389/year.

spyera app

The Spyera WhatsApp hacking app is a phone spying tool. It can help users to see deleted whatsapp messages on iPhone. This distinctive feature is further complemented by the option to download attachments and media files for future reference. Moreover, Spyera's excellence extends beyond WhatsApp, encompassing PC and Mac OS monitoring, while also extending its prowess to other social networking platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook. This multifaceted approach firmly establishes Spyera as a top-tier spying solution.


  • Remotely track WhatsApp without account password just like KidsGuard for WhatsApp.
  • You can see the frequency of WhatsApp and other app usages on the target device.
  • The app also supports multiple languages.


  • The setup procedure is time-consuming and requires technical knowledge.
  • Upon prolonged usage, this app tends to deteriorate the performance of the target device.


  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: Yes
  • Price: Premium edition at $49.99/month and $99.99/3 months

hoverwatch app

uMobix steps up as a phone monitoring app designed for parents. It lets you keep tabs on your kids' conversations across instant messaging and social media platforms including WhatsApp. It smoothly works with the latest iOS and Android phones, granting you full remote control over the device.

The best part? You can even view deleted WhatsApp messages. With uMobix's WhatsApp tracker, you can virtually hold your child's phone, checking out their chats, calls, voice messages, and every shared photo, video, and file. It's like being right there, keeping an eye on everything they do within the app.


  • It can effectively keep track of WhatsApp.
  • Provides lots of details and file types of WhatsApp monitoring.
  • It allows for remote access to the target device's data.


  • The app is not invisible and notifications pop up often when working.
  • It is very hard to find a suitable installation and usage guide for this app.
  • Extra fee for the viewer app that allows you to check WhatsApp activities on the target phone.


  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Root/Jailbreak: Yes
  • Price: Premium version at $68/month, $99/3 months and $149/year; Extreme version at $199/3 months and $349/year

hoverwatch app

Hoverwatch introduces an efficient WhatsApp spy feature, enabling you to effortlessly capture and review all WhatsApp messages. Not only does it provide access to audio and video files exchanged, but it also grants visibility into your child's chat partners.

Moreover, the app goes beyond by facilitating call recording and message tracking, ensuring that no conversations escape your awareness. The added advantage lies in the capability to remotely access the device's camera, allowing real-time screen monitoring through screenshots.

Hoverwatch extends its monitoring prowess by enabling a comprehensive review of the device's browsing history and location tracking. Delving deeper, you can gain insights into your child's plans by reading notes and to-do lists stored on the device. With Hoverwatch, staying informed about your child's digital activities becomes a seamless endeavor.


  • You can remotely hack WhatsApp with control panel at any device.
  • Live demo for installation and use is available.


  • Some functions might not work well, such as blank WhatsApp call recordings.
  • A free trial is not available before purchasing.
  • There are lots of reviews that the app glitches are very common.


You've now gained insights into the leading 5 whatsapp spy apps to see deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone. As evident from the preceding review, if you're seeking a reliable method to view deleted whatsapp messages on iPhone, I highly recommend KidsGuard for WhatsApp . This solution not only offers simplicity and discretion but also proves efficient in monitoring all WhatsApp activities, including chats, calls, and statuses, on both Android and iPhone devices.


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