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KidsGuard Pro

Unique phone tracker to know everything on others' Android/iPhone devices.



Parental control app to keep your kids safe.


KidsGuard for WhatsApp

WhatsApp online tracker monitors 10+ data.



Leading employee monitoring software that you can trust.



Change GPS location on your device to anywhere globally.

Know More About the People You Care with ClevGuard

Parental control for kids' online safety

Ensure the safety of your kids' online activities. Protect them from harmful information such as cyber violence and pornography.

parental control
couples monitoring

Marital bliss for a more harmonious family life

Discover truths and dig out information about your wife/hudsband/boyfriend/girlfriend. Help you dispel any doubts in a relationship. Want to do it covertly? Absolutely.

Supervision for enterprise security & confidentiality

Help companies take timely actions in case employees are leaking enterprise privacy. Strengthen internal security and confidentiality.

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Este aplicativo traz uma infinidade de recursos permitindo monitorar mais de 30 tipos de conteúdo no celular dos pequenos. E tudo isso sem necessidade de root ou risco de perda de dados.

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A missão é tornar o ClevGuard o programa de controle parental mais confiável do mercado. A plataforma se concentra muito na confiança com seus clientes e personaliza as ideias e necessidades de cada usuário.

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KidsGuard Pro lives up to its claim that it performs the cell phone monitoring without letting the target device user know of its presence. It is a convenient and effective cell phone monitoring app with an extensive range of useful features.

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KidsGuard Pro is jam-packed with a set of incredible phone spying features. Not only is it feature-rich it is also available at a competitive price. Also, the app stays completely hidden, making it possible to spy on someone's phone without them knowing.

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Entre las funciones principales que podrás encontrar en KidsGuard Pro están la de supervisar tanto las fotos y vídeos como los contactos y el calendario de una persona. Además, puedes trackear por GPS la localización del iPhone en tiempo real, muy útil incluso si le roban el móvil a tus hijos.

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Estamos perante uma bela peça de software, bem estruturado e que funciona na perfeição. Este é compatível com todos os modelos de Android e iOS, o uso do mesmo não obriga ao root do smartphone para monitorização parental ou qualquer outra monitorização.

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Explicit website usage detected everyday


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Cyberbullying situations detected

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